Share God’s Love for the Nations Through Prayer

From the Bai of China to the Ingessana of Sudan to the many deaf in Mexico, God loves the people of the world and calls us to demonstrate that love as His representatives. 

But you might ask: how can I love people I don’t know? 

We want to help you get to know 52 unreached people groups all over the globe this year. That’s why we’ve compiled a prayer guide highlighting a unique people group for each week of the year. This guide is called Loving the Lost, and each week it includes: a description and photo for a specific group, prayer prompts surrounding that group’s needs, and a verse to pray or memorize.

If you would like to share God’s heart for every nation, tribe, people, and language, start by praying for these specific groups who largely have never heard the name of Jesus Christ and are without the hope of salvation. 

Your free Loving the Lost prayer guide can be emailed to you today! Just let us know where to send it.